Международный Капитул Ордена Тамплиеров, Скопье, Македония - Приорат России Всемирного Ордена Тамплиеров

Международный Капитул Ордена Тамплиеров, Скопье, Македония


Convent en MACEDOINE  SKOPJE / OHRID,  Septembre 2016


The Grand Priory of Macedonia, invites you to the International Chapter and investiture that will take place on  02-04 September, 2016 in Ohrid, Macedonia.

We are very happy to have the opportunity to host the International Convent this year since the first Macedonian knight was dubbed 10 years ago.

Ohrid is the city on the eastern shore of Lake Ohrid in the Republic of Macedonia. It has rich history over 2500 years. It has 365 churches one for each day in the year. In 1980, Ohrid and Lake Ohrid were accepted as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Besides being a holy center of the region, it is also the source of knowledge and pan-Slavic literacy. The restored Monastery at Plaoshnik was actually one of the oldest Universities in the western world, dating before the 10th century. There is a nearby airport, Ohrid airport, (known as Apostle Paul Airport) that is open all year round.

TRAVEL INFORMATION: There are 2 airports in Macedonia. One is in Skopje, known as Alexander the Great, and another in Ohrid. For those arriving directly at Skopje airport, there will be organized bus transport from there to the hotel in Ohrid. The distance from Skopje to Ohrid is 170km.

HOTEL INFORMATION: We reserved room in the Hotel Inex Gorica. The Hotels is situated in the periphery of Ohrid, on the shore of the Ohrid Lake, 3km from the city center.


FRIDAY 02 of September

17.00h Arrival in the Hotel Inex Gorica and registration

19:00h Welcome drink

20.00h Vigil   (Viellée d’Armes)

21.00h Dinner in the beach restaurant 

SATURDAY 03th    of September

10:00h – 13:30h  Meeting Grand Priors and Priors

11.00h Sightseeing of the Old City, visit of the XIV century old Church St. Jovan Kaneo,  Plaoshnik, St. Madonna, Gallery of Icons….

15.00h  Lunch in the Restaurant

17.00h  Ceremony in the Antique theater

21.00h  Gala dinner in the Diamond Restaurant 

SUNDAY 04th of September

10.00h Organized return transfer to Airport Skopje